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Broken Spring Repair

Okay. So you have never heard of garage door spring until now? Don’t worry, we will explain. A garage door spring is the key balancing factor that makes sure that the garage door remains standing and worked properly. The life of these springs can be as low as 3 years and can be as high as 10 years, depending on how much you use the garage door. The more you open or close the garage door, the lesser would be the life of a garage spring.

In most cases, a layman won’t be able to detect a problem of these springs and you will need help from experts like those working with us. We will conduct regular checkups of the spring from time to time and we will tell you when it needs replacing. We can ever fix a broken spring if the problem is minor as we have done that in the past many times. We can also help you if the spring is fine but the garage door is not as new door installation is another of our specialties. What more services do we offer? Everything related to the well being of a garage door. Don’t believe us, call us up now and talk to us to confirm that we really are the experts.